Our Work Process

Our work process is built on meticulous planning, timely completion, perfectexecution, and affordable prices, guaranteeing exceptional results for our clients.

Meticulous Planning​

This refers to a detailed and careful process of developing a plan or strategy before initiating a project or task. It involves thorough analysis, research, and consideration of various factors such as goals, resources, timelines, and potential challenges. Meticulous planning ensures that all necessary steps and requirements are identified, allowing for a smoother and more organized execution of the project.

Completion On Time​

This emphasizes the importance of finishing a project or task within the agreed-upon timeframe or deadline. It involves setting realistic timelines during the planning phase and actively managing and monitoring progress throughout the project. By prioritizing efficient time management and adhering to schedules, completion on time ensures that projects are delivered punctually, which is crucial for meeting client expectations and maintaining overall efficiency.

Perfect Execution​

Perfect execution refers to the implementation of a plan or strategy with a high level of precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. It involves effectively carrying out each step of the plan, utilizing available resources efficiently, and consistently meeting quality standards. Perfect execution requires competent individuals or teams who are capable of translating the planning phase into actionable tasks, ensuring that the desired outcomes are achieved flawlessly.

Affordable Prices​

This aspect focuses on providing products, services, or solutions at reasonable and competitive prices. Affordability is achieved by carefully considering the costs involved in the production or delivery process, optimizing operational efficiency, and implementing cost-saving measures wherever possible. Offering affordable prices not only makes the product or service accessible to a wider range of customers but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Underwater Services

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  • Intake structure rehabilitation including slide gate, track & seal, & manual operator & support guide repair/replacement on dams, canals & storage basins.
  • Inspection / Videography and cleaning of outfall bay.
  • Abandonment of pipelines, manhole structures, temporary & permanent plugging of pipelines & tunnels.
  • Submersible pump maintenance, repair, removal & replacement.
  • Repair & maintenance to mechanical supports on sanitary outfall pipelines, water intake and discharge lines.
  • Submarine valve & hydraulic control system plumbing repairs & replacement.
  • Industrial & sanitary treatment plant maintenance & repair of mechanical structures in process tanks, basins, ponds, vaults and pipelines.
  • Repair & modifications to diffuser ports, aeration systems, & discharge pipelines.
  • Installation & maintenance of dewatering structures & portable dams in small basins, ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.
  • Hydro Electric Generating Station Inspection and Maintenance
  • Trash Rack Inspection, Cleaning and Replacement
  • Underwater repairs to any Structural Damage.
  • Repairs & cleaning of Gate grooves, Stop log gate, Penstock gate, etc. on Dam & Hydro Power plants.
  • Flood gate recovery & shutter assembling on Dam & Hydro Power Plants.
  • Underwater Still Photography & Video Photography (CCTV).
  • Underwater cutting and welding.
  • Underwater Construction, Maintenance & Repairs of hydro power plants, dams, railway bridges, etc.
  • De-silting of Intake Canal, Pump House, Intake Chamber, etc.
  • Underwater corrosion resistant Epoxy coating, Grouting, Reinforcing & Concreting.
  • Annual & Periodic survey, maintenance & repairs of Hydro Power Plants & Dams and Irrigation channels.
  • De-silting of water reservoir, pipelines, etc.
  • Ship husbandry, maintenance and repairs to the underbody of ships including anode installation, propeller replacement and shaft seal repairs, hull cleaning and Propeller polishing, removal of befouling prior to dry-docking, cofferdam and plug installation for overboard discharge and intake valve service and replacement.
  • Pile restoration and wood pile concrete encapsulating.
  • Anode installation for cathodic protection.
  • Surface and Underwater Millwright Maintenance and Repair
  • Ship Hull Inspections / Cleaning.
  • Surface and Underwater Live, Narrated, Colour Video Inspections with Surface Colour Monitor & Recording Equipment. Presentation Editing and Titled (Freeze Frame Copying Available)
  • Underwater Construction & Dockside Underwater Removal and Replacement Propellers, Shafts, Struts and Rudders with Hydraulic “Port a Power” Equipment, Underwater BOAT HULL Repairs
  • KLEIN Side Scan Sonar Surveying
  • Insurance Surface and Underwater Damage Video Assessments
  • Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections Vessels & Barges Survey Inspections.
  • Propeller Installation & Repair / Polishing
  • Video Inspection & Recovery Reports
  • Hull & Propeller cleaning & polishing
  • Salvage of sunken vessels, ships, tugs, barges, etc
  • Re-floating sunken vessels.
  • Salvage of grounded & stranded vessels.
  • Wreck – removal.
  • Recovery of hydrocarbons & oil pollutants from sunken vessels.
  • Recovery of cargo / valuable items from underwater &/or sunken vessel.
  • Surface Supplied Air and Mixed Gas Diving to 200′ of Sea Water
  • Derrick/Lay Barge Support
  • Hose change
  • Platform & Anode Retrofit
  • Salvage
  • Underwater Burning / Welding
  • Drilling Rig Support
  • Platform Inspections- Level I,II,III & Video Inspection
  • Pipeline Repair & Construction & Pipeline Burial
  • Pipeline Plug & Abandonment
  • Platform Removal Platform P & A Support
  • Experience Makes The Difference
  • Underwater photography and Video
  • Well Head Repair and Abandonment
  • Riser Clam, Riser Installation and Removal
  • Subsea Tie-in
  • Scour and Penetration Checks
  • Cathodic Protection & Free span Correction
  • Installation and Maintenance, Lay Barge and Derrick Barge Operations
  • Non-Destructive Testing (MPI and Ultrasonic thickness)
  • Seabed surveys & Calm Buoy (SPM) survey / inspection.
  • Pipeline installation and Repair & IPE and Cable lay support.
  • Cross over rectification and supports.
  • Underwater Inspections In Lieu of Dry Docking
  • Hydro-jetting, Sand Bagging, Trenching.
  • Riser clamp installation and Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Placement of Stabit Tetrapods
  • Search and Recovery of Lost Equipment
  • Use of Underwater Mannetometer
  • Installation of Inshore Mooring System
  • Supply of diver assistance to hydrographic survey operations
  • Blasting of Channel Reefs
  • ROV Surveys. Underwater NDT Inspection using MPI, CP and UT
  • Other pre-fabricated Harbor Construction Systems
  • Underwater Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs of Offshore structures.
  • Pre-engineering surveys, UWILD surveys.
  • Diving Support for Pipe laying, Under water cutting ,Diffuser & Umbilical Installation.
  • Underwater Inspection using Underwater Still Photography and Video Photography (CCTV).
  • Installation & Replacement of Jacket, Pipelines, Risers, Clamps, Conductors and Anodes.
  • Installation, Preservation & Maintenance of Offshore Oil Terminals, S.B.M and S.P.M.
  • Complete flushing of S.B.M. and S.P.M. systems.
  • Experts & Engineers for handling Anchor Mooring systems.
  • Underwater cleaning of marine growth using hydro pressure jets.
  • Underwater inspection, maintenance & repairs of ships and all types of sea going vessels.
  • Tethered diver and ROV penetrations of up to deeper depths.Experience Makes The Difference
  • Installation and pressure testing of internal mechanical seals for joint leak repairs Pipeline and outfall retrofit of diffuser ports, manhole trunks and “hot taps” for branch pipe installation and extensions, repair and/or replacement of damaged
  • pipe sections
  • Removal of internal sedimentation, debris buildup and other blockages using hand dredging, pipe “pigging” techniques, and/or mucking of larger objects using divers
  • Installation and repair of submarine cables and RCP, HDPE, welded steel, and ductile iron pipelines in rivers, bays, exposed coastal and open water environments
  • Structural repair and concrete restoration of lined and unlined tunnels using epoxy injection, underwater forming, concrete line-pumping or tremie placement methods
  • Installation of reference electrodes or sacrificial anodes with mechanical attachment at external joints or “wet-welding” externally or internally
  • Anchoring of existing pipelines to sea bed, placement of concrete filled mats for armor protection and ballast, remedy unsupported pipeline spans
  • Installation and pumping of large mattresses to seal and cover damaged, broken and leaking concrete canal lining
  • Structural repairs to concrete gate vaults, pipelines, concrete sheet piling, bulkheads and lined tunnels and basins using two-part epoxy injection techniques and materials
  • Leak repairs in large basins using urethane injection techniques
  • Repair of voids, cracks and spalls in concrete resulting from river scour, subsidence, mechanical damage, failed concrete and structural rebar corrosion on dam faces, intake/outlet structures, sea walls and other submarine structures
  • Wood, steel and concrete piling and other structural repairs using tubular or nylon bag forms for concrete encapsulation under piers, wharves, bridges and dams
  • Localized quick-setting concrete patch repair and portable self-contained 2-part epoxy injection underwater repair systems
  • Structural repairs to sheet piles barriers and cellular cofferdam structures, bonding strap reinforcement repairs
  • Ship husbandry, maintenance and repairs including repair of side and bottom shell damage, AWS D3.6 coded “wet-welding” for patch installation, sacrificial anode installation, propeller trimming, installation/removal of rope guards and c able removal from propeller and shaft
  • Underwater dry habitat weld repairs for pipelines and other structural steel and support platform members; wet-weld repairs to screens and gates, sacrificial anode installations and continuity welds for impressed current protection for pipelines
  • Steel sheet and support pile oxy-arc cutting guard removal, demolition and removal of steel rail track and structural steel debris
  • Heavy equipment salvage, with engine preservation and “pickling”, heavy lift rigging and water transport, and complete mechanical restoration of farm equipment damaged from flooding
  • Concrete demolition and removal using impact hammers and breakers, core drilling, roto
  • impact and rock drilling, hydraulic concrete splitters, diamond wire and circular saw cutting, and underwater explosives
  • Modifications to reinforce fish ladders, basin walls, and RCP submarine outfalls and outlet/intake structures
  • Demolition and removal of large concrete piers and columns, concrete dams, wharf and dock pilings, sea walls and abandoned pipeline, penstock, tunnel, and manhole concrete plugs
  • Pipeline cleaning and sediment removal using “sewer ball”pigging, directional jetting and
    suction, and pressure pump backwater/reverse nozzle flushing techniques
  • Airlifting and water-lift educators for removal of biofouling debris accumulation, excavation of
    mud, clay and sandy bottoms to expose pipelines, cables, and structures.
  • High-pressure water blasting for epoxy coating removal, biofouling and corrosion or scale removal, and structural/substrate preparation of weak or damaged concrete for encasement and sealing repair
  • Pipeline and cable burial or exposure for protection or exposure to perform repairs
  • Debris removal for retrofit and repair to bridge piers, footings and foundationsSediment removal in and around intakes on dams, siphons, pump stations and low level basins, marinas and boat ramps, adjacent to sheet pile cofferdams during shoreline and/or stream bed restoration, and for any marine construction

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